Thursday, October 19, 2017


Taelyn's class represents California Baptist University.  I had the opportunity to chaperone her class on a tour of the campus. When we first got there, our favorite babysitter, who is now a freshman at CBU met us and joined us for snack time. :-)

Taelyn LOVES Mikayla

Ava and Taelyn

Taelyn's class

Silly Lancers

My gorgeous girlie

Mommy/Daughter Duo

They stadium was beautiful

Lance Up!

Standing in front of the Lancer

I love the fact that Taelyn is learning about colleges.  She LOVES this college and wants to go there.  I pray that she chooses to go to CBU, its far enough for her to be independent, but close enough for me to stalk her life.  >:-)

October Fun

October is flying by! We started our month with a full morning at church.  Taelyn is in the Christmas Musical, so she needs to be at church at 7:45am every Sunday.  After church, we went to a birthday party for my nephew. 

Party hopping at its finest! After my nephew's party, we met up for some Thai food to Celebrate our friend, Ryan's birthday. 
Ryan, Lea, (Photobomber Taelyn,)  Me and Todd

How cute are these two?

My mom has Monday's off, so she came to hang out with me.  We went to Taekwondo, Soccer and then we went to Johnny's Taco's to watch the Chiefs play during Monday Night Football.  

Taelyn and Trent had their six month dentist check up and I am so proud to report that they both had no cavities!!

Taelyn and Trent wear pink to show their support for Breast Cancer 

Trent has been rocking in Taekwondo!  He had a Belt Testing.  Oma and Opa came to support him.  He is now a Yellow Cheetah Belt!

September Wrap Up

September came and went and so many fun things had happened.  October seems to have been flying by just as quickly. After the Ice Cream Museum, the same week we went to the LA County Fair.  It was SO busy!!! We went on the last Saturday before the fair ended and we will never do that again!  If we weren't with Tiffani and Tylia, I don't think we would have even made it into the fairgrounds because the traffic was horrendous .  When we finally made it in, it was hard to even walk around. 

Me, Tiff and the kids

The kids are getting so big and are tall enough to ride most rides!

This was the sweetest thing!

We had to have ice cream!
 The fair, despite being SO crowded, was fun because we were with some of our most favorite people. 

I was able to have a very much needed girls night out!
Me, Lea and Jess

Taelyn has been taking a break from dance and so far, it has been the BEST decision she has made.  We have really been enjoying our extra time playing outside and hanging with the kids in the neighborhood.  These kids have it made!  Everyday, after school, we finish homework, do our chores around the house and then go outside and play until the sun goes down.  It is so awesome!  

The kids had a in service day from school and so we met up with some friends in Oak Glen 

Trent and Chloe
Rylie and Taelyn
 These kids are such sweet friends! Its always so nice when they have friends who are siblings also! makes for an easier play date. :-)

Taelyn and Alexis
Matthew and Trent

After Oak Glen, we met up with some other friends and Chick Fil A.  What a really fun day! This is another sibling set!
Love these sweet kids!
September was a great fun filled month! So thankful for our friends and the experiences that were had!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Museum Of Ice Cream

Todd and I heard about this awesome Art Exhibit a few months ago.  We tried to get tickets, but it was sold out everytime we tried.  Some how we managed to get tickets for a Monday afternoon. Since its mine and Todd's only day off together, we decided to make a day out of it.  We sent the kids to school in the morning and then we took them out just before lunch.  I know we should take them out of school, but it is a museum and it's educational, right?

First stop was In & Out for lunch

When we made it into LA, we took the kids to Olivera Street.  I haven't been there since I was a kid.  It was fun to explore all of the different shops and the historical monuments, structures and statues.

 After Olivera Street, we made our way to the Museum of Ice Cream
 It was SO much fun! We were ushered into multiple rooms one by one.  The first room had these awesome pink vintage pay phones.
 Every room had a different art display and the best part: Ice Cream or Candy samples!!!

 Huge, life sized Popsicles!
This room had HUGE Gummy Bears!! can you guess what the sample was? Yes! Gummy's, Trent's most favorite thing in life!

 What would an Ice Cream Museum be without a pool full of SPRINKLES!?!?! I'm still finding sprinkles everywhere!

It was a very much needed day to spend as a family!  We enjoyed every part of it!


Taelyn's class represents California Baptist University.  I had the opportunity to chaperone her class on a tour of the campus. When we ...